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Bayes at Microsoft Research

Tracing the origins of spam filters back to the U-boat battles of World War II. Hearing about Stanford's lack of interest in probabilities in the late 1980s. And an intriguing question: Was Bill Gates a Bayesian?

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Palomares Cleanup

Spain has announced that the US may cleanup the results of an H-bomb accident it caused in the little village of Palomares 46 years ago.

Almost half a century after the U.S. Air Force accidentally dropped four hydrogen bombs near a remote Spanish fishing village, the Obama administration may help clean up plutonium-polluted soil  Read More 
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Bayesian Math Problems

Readers have asked how they can learn to calculate Bayesian problems. So I asked the experts for some help. They responded with some problems that are now on my website McGrayne.com. Go to the page for simple math problems, and click on the link there. Read More 
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Turing Still Not Pardoned

The British government has refused to issue a posthumous pardon to computer pioneer Alan Turing.
Despite petitions from Turing fans worldwide, the Conservative government of David Cameron nixed a pardon.
The decision came three years after the Labor Party government of Gordon Brown apologized for Britain’s treatment of Turing.
Turing, who used Bayes’ rule to break the Nazis’ Enigma code to save his country during World War II, was arrested as a homosexual in 1952 and committed suicide in 1954.  Read More 
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