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March 3, 2012

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CHANCE magazine this week: ”The Theory That Would Not Die is ...carefully balanced to be accessible to a lay audience while captivating to a statistical one. Told without formulas, this eloquently written story is the history of an idea—a far-from-exhaustive, but enlightening, chronicle of the triumphs of Bayesian analysis.”

CHANCE's cover story is an interview with me about writing the book.

Chance editors interviewed me extensively – in Paris, in Maryland, in Washington DC., and by email. They asked probing questions– including my opinion of some of the book's critics on

The issue also has a review by Christian Robert and a Letter from Editor Sam Behseta.

Chance is the American Statistical Association’s magazine for general readers interested in analyzing data.

And who are the three men on the cover? Laplace is front and center – where he should be. Thomas Bayes is on the left and Harold Jeffreys on the right.

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—The Science Teacher
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“A compelling read… fascinating.”

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