Bayesian Math Problems

February 23, 2012

Tags: Math, problems

Readers have asked how they can learn to calculate Bayesian problems. So I asked the experts for some help. They responded with some problems that are now on my website Go to the page for simple math problems, and click on the link there.

Selected Works

The non-mathematical story of the fight over Bayes' rule and its ultimate triumph.

"A rollicking tale of the triumph of a powerful mathematical tool."
"If you are not thinking like a Bayesian, perhaps you should be." John Allen Paulos, New York Times Book Review.
Editor's Choice, New York Times Book Review.
Biographies of 15 women scientists who won a Nobel Prize—or came very close.

“Spellbinding, compelling.”
—The Science Teacher
Biographies of nine chemists whose discoveries solved serious social and technological problems.

“A compelling read… fascinating.”

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